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In order to get Indian Citizenship for a child born to Indian parent(s) in a foreign country, the birth of the child is to be registered at the nearest Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate and thereafter (or at the same time) the parents can apply for issue of an Indian Passport for the child.

The applicant (parent) has to submit hard copy of the 'online filled application' and supporting documents in the office of the Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate, which the applicant (parent) is ordinarily resident.

Birth Registration for an Indian national at HCI Gaborone has the following procedure:

Step # 1:

Do the online registration at the following website (Please select Section 4 under 'Online Services' tab):


(a step-by-step guide to online registration is available at the link:


While doing online registration, following important points are to be noted:

File size of 'Photograph' and 'Signature of Parent' needs to be maximum 20kb each in JPEG format

File size of 'Copy of Birth Certificate' of local government authorities, 'copy of Passport of both the parents' and ' copy of Marriage Certificate of the parents' needs to be maximum 1mb each in PDF format

Step # 2:

Once online registration has been done and necessary print taken, parent(s) need to visit HCI Gaborone with the printed registration, supporting documents, passports etc, for completion of the procedure by submission of documents and payment of requisite fee (Pula 305/-) between 9.00 am and 12.00 noon on High Commission's working days.

Useful Information Points:

(a) Please note that the Registration of Birth of a new-born child is to be done soonest possible.

(b) To get a child registered as an Indian national, at least one of the child's parents must be an Indian citizen.

HCI Contact Number: + 267 – 391 2240

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