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Film Visa (Multiple Entry with 1 year Validity)

Film Visa will be issued to cast and crew members of international productions and official co-productions shooting a Feature Film, TV / Web commercial show / series and TV /Web Reality show / series. The permission for shooting these categories of production is granted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoI&B), Government of India. The proposals are accepted and process by the Film Facilitation Office (FFO). The application is to be submitted online on www.ffo.gov.in. The detailed step by step guide is available on the website.

For further assistance please write to ffo@nfdcindia.com.

After the shooting permission has been granted by the MoI&B, the cast and crew members of the approved project are required to apply for Film Visa.

Step 1 - Apply online on www.indianvisaonline.gov.in

Step 2 – Submit the application form along with the requisite documents to High Commission of India, Gaborone

Check list of documents required to be submitted along with the visa application

  • Copy of your passport (Original and Copy)

  • Copy of Residence Permit (Original and Copy)

  • 2 Photographs (5 cm x 5 cm)

  • Permission / Clearance of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India for shooting film in India

  • A letter from the Company producing the film stating the exact purpose of the visit and the expected dates and places scheduled for filming. This letter should be on the Letterhead of the company and written in English.