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 Miscellaneous Services

For attestation and other consular services, there is no need to take an appointment. Applicants could visit the High Commission on any working day between 0900-1200 hours (not on Saturdays/Sundays and closed holidays). The service will be on first come first serve basis.

The attested documents are delivered the same day between 1600-1700 hours or as informed at the time of submission. A maximum of 30 minutes is required for providing the attestation service (depending on the number of applicants).

The High Commission reserves the right to reject attestation of documents, the contents of which are objectionable or contrary to the Rules.

Educational certificates and marriage/birth certificates, etc., can be attested by the High Commission (Subject to them being attested by relevant Ministries in India).

Authentication/attestation of documents: All original documents/copies requiring attestation or Apostille should be first authenticated by the designated authorities of the State/Union Territory from where the document has been issued. In case of personal documents, Home/General Administration Department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory are the designated authorities. In case of educational documents, the documents should first be authenticated by the Education Department of the concerned State Government/Union Territory.

After State Government's attestation, the documents need to be attested by the CPV Division of the Ministry of External Affairs of Government of India, located at Patiala House in New Delhi.

After the above-mentioned attestations from two authorities, the High Commission of India is empowered to attest the documents.



All fees are to be paid in Pula at the Reception. Fees once paid cannot be refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or the service refused for whatever reason.

As per Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India orders, the revised fee rates w.e.f. 01.05.2020 are as follows:-


Sl. No.


Fee (Pula)


Police Clearance (PCC)/ Certificate of Birth /Certificate of Marriage



Attestation of Passport/Driving License/Civil doc. /Power of Attorney (General)



Power of Attorney (Property)



Consular Officer solemnizing a marriage and issue of certificate copy there off



Registration of Birth and issue of certificate there off



Attestation of trade/commercial document pertaining to export from foreign country to India etc.



Attestation of trade/commercial document pertaining to export from India to foreign country etc.


Requirement of Miscellaneous Consular/Attestation Services


Document(s)  required

Attestation of document(s)

Application form

A copy each of passport and the document which is to be attested/certified.

Original Document and copies of the document(s) which you need to get certified.

Certificate of Birth

Application form

Original Passport along with its copy.

Driving License

Application form.


Two copies of passport and driving license (along with originals)

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Application forms available at the following website:



Original Passport and a copy.

Botswana Police Report and a copy.

Certificate of Marriage:  It is issued on the basis of passport therefore; ensure that your spouse name must be there in passport of both wife and husband.

Application form.


Original Passport of both wife and husband along with their copies.

Original Marriage Certificate  and a copy  

*Application form can be downloaded here (Miscellaneous Form) or you can ask for it at the reception of the High Commission.


 The High Commission would not be authenticating documents such as educational, marriage and birth certificates issued from India unless they are first authenticated by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. The process regarding authentication of documents from India may be accessed on the following link: http://mea.gov.in/apostille.htm