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Project Background - Construction of Integrated complex for High Commission of India, Gaborone

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For Construction of Integrated Complex comprising Chancery with Consular area, facilities for Cultural activities, and residences with associated ancillary services for the High Commission of India, Gaborone, Botswana.


1.1 The Government of India, acquired a plot of land (Lot no. 54383) in the Central Business District (CBD), Gaborone West Extension 9, Gaborone( henceforth referred to as ‘site’) as per Deed of Fixed Period State Grant No. 404/2009 from Govt. of Botswana. The plot is named Urban Block 17 as per the CBD Master plan. The Government of India’s construction program envisages construction of a Landmark energy-efficient building maximizing the use of Solar Energy and conceptually Green building comprising Chancery with Consular area, Facilities for cultural activities and residences with associated ancillary services on the site (henceforth referred to as “Project”) as defined in the Press Notice.

1.2 The site is a vacant corner plot having an area of 6240Sq. M. which is bordered by a 35m wide road and a vacant plot earmarked as Urban Block 19 on the Northern side. The Southern side of the plot is also bordered by a 35m wide road and a 5-storied building of the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs. The Eastern side of the plot is facing a railway line and Nelson Mandela Drive, a major traffic corridor in between CBD and Extension 11. The Western side of the plot is bordered by a 35m wide road which overlooks the Independence Park having the famous The Three Dikgosi Monument of the city. The Botswana High Court Complex, a landmark complex is just across the road on the South-West corner of the plot.

1.3 The project area will include (i) Main Chancery having access-controlled offices for the officials (ii) Consular area with independent public entry and controlled access yet connected to the main building for High Commission officials (iii) Facilities for cultural activities comprising Multipurpose Hall etc. (iv) Residences for High Commission officials (v) Parking and associated services and (vi) any other facilities as per local norms. The access and functioning of proposed facilities would be independent of each other but connected to Chancery keeping in view the functional, spatial efficacy and maintenance ease. The building is expected to be a landmark structure in the CBD area with State of Art facilities and planned on the best sustainable practices having covered area of around 6100-6200 Sq. M. plus parking and services which need to be provisioned as per local norms either above ground or in the basement.

1.4 The site consists of a mix of native and another type of trees and the site terrain is almost flat. The complex is expected to function efficiently with the help of modern security systems, heating/cooling systems, smooth circulation, integration of open and built-up spaces, and functional segregation of spaces.


2.1 Gaborone has a hot semi-arid climate. In summer the days are very sunny but the nights are cool. During the winter, days are still warm, and the nights are cold. There are on average seventy-four days per year with temperatures above 32°C (90°F). The average dew point in a given year is 10°C (50°F). Precipitation in Gaborone is scanty and erratic.

2.2 Most of the rainfall in Gaborone falls during the summer months, between October and April. There are on average forty days of thunderstorms per year, most of them happening during the summer months, and four days of fog, usually happening during the winter months. The highest humidity occurs in June at 90% while the lowest humidity is in September at 28%. Solar irradiance ranges from 4.1 kWh/m2/day in June to 7.3 kWh/m2/day in December.

2.3 It is windier from September to November at 14 kilometers per hour (8.7 mph), and it is calmer from May to August at 8 kilometers per hour (5.0 mph). The building services may be planned accordingly for Energy Efficiency with passive and active design strategies.


3.1 The plot falls in the prestigious CBD zone having Mid-rise to High rise landmark buildings of various Ministries, high-end offices, and close to a railway reserve, an important transport corridor.

3.2 The landfalls under Civic and Community use as per Zonal Land use and is named as Urban Block 17 as per Gaborone CBD Master plan notified under Town and Country planning Act(1977), Part –III,(Sections 6-8)and DCC 2013.

3.3 Total Plot area (as per records): 6240Sq. M. The plot layout and exact details of plot co-ordinates and marking as per the CBD Master Plan and Department of Survey & Mapping (DSM) may be obtained from DSM, Gaborone.

3.4 CBD and Development Control Code 2013 urban regulations as per D/o Town and Country Planning (TCP) under Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services (MOLMWSS), Gaborone City Council (GCC), Central Business District Advisory Committee (CBDAC), D/o Roads under Ministry of Transport and Communications are to be taken as base guidelines, flexibility may be given to the design of a Landmark Building by the D/o TCP subject to adding overall value to the CBD while respecting the core guidelines.

3.5 Applicable development regulations on Urban Block 17: The overall Floor Area ratio is 1x Site area. 75% of frontages should be addressing the streets to follow the theme of the Master plan in keeping the interaction of building with pedestrians. It is not essential to cover 75% of Ground footprint. The Mixed-land use is permitted. Two levels of the basement are permitted for parking and technical rooms. No technical rooms and service buildings are allowed to be placed above grade. The emphasis of the Master plan is Build-to-Lines concept i.e. people, buildings and streets but it does not dictate a particular style of architecture. No perimeter wall is permitted, however suitable low height fencing can be planned along with landscape development.

3.6 It is up to the Architect how best the urban form of the building is envisaged while meeting the High Commission of India’s functional requirements. Environmental Impact Assessment is mandatory for the final clearance. The outline design of the proposed development and functional traffic management plan with entry/exits will be subject to the acceptance of local authorities. However, Zoning regulations or any other development norms applicable to this plot may be enquired by participants, on their own, from concerned local urban authorities as per land use plan before submitting the proposal.

3.7 Total built-up area required: *6100-6200 Sq. M. plus MEP services & parking either above the ground or in basement as permissible. Architect may do an urban study of surrounding structures, settlement plan, law of land, and may suggest the maximum urban potential of the plot before submitting the proposal)


The Area Program envisages building Chancery including Consular area, Cultural facilities and Residences with associated ancillary services. Approximate space requirements of the main components of the design proposal shall be as under;

4.1.1 Chancery including consular area, cultural facilities : 3300Sq. M.

4.1.2 Residences : 2800Sq. M.

4.1.3. Building services, technical room, parking and any :As required in
other facilities as per local norms (either above accordance with local
ground or in basement as permissible) regulations and technical standards.


5.1 Selection of the Architect/Architectural firm shall be as per the selection process described in this document. Decision of the Government of India (Ministry of External Affairs, India) in this regard will be final.

5.2 Applicants must fully acquaint themselves about the scope of the Project and local conditions, planning procedures/approvals as per Department of Town and Country Planning, Gaborone, Gaborone City Council or other local agencies as per Botswana Law, before submitting the 'Expression of Interest' (EOI). They may visit the site with prior permission of the Head of Chancery, HCI, Gaborone.

5.3 No queries will be entertained at the EOI stage. However, applicant may convey their comments and views as mentioned in Para 10.1. Short listed applicants will be permitted to seek clarifications within two weeks of receipt of the Design Brief.

5.4 References and certificates from the respective Institutes should be signed by an officer not below the rank of Head of Administration in case of Government department or General Manager in case of Private bodies.

5.5 Even though an applicant may satisfy the qualification criteria/eligibility requirements, he/she/they would be liable for disqualification, if any misleading or false representation or deliberately suppressed information related to technical eligibility is noted during design assessment including record of poor performance such as abandoning work, not properly completing the projects or not fulfilling the contractual obligations or financial failures/weaknesses etc.

5.6 The High Commission of India, Gaborone may appoint a separate company/consultant for rendering Project Management Services (PMC) during the construction stage of the project. The selected Architect/Architectural firms shall be required to co-ordinate with and work along with that firm(s) during the project execution period for the successful implementation of the project in all respect.

5.7 The Terms and Conditions of appointment of Architect and draft Agreement shall be provided to all short-listed applicants.


6.1 To be eligible for pre-qualification, the applicant should be an Architect or proprietor of Architectural firm. This would include a Joint Venture company as well, meeting all other eligibility criteria. The applicant (or joint venture, in the case of JV firms) must have his/her/its headquarters or a branch office in Gaborone/Botswana and must have provided architectural services for executed projects in the last 20 years for at least one of the following:

At least ONE Diplomatic building/ State of Art energy-efficient office building/project of a group of State of Art office buildings of built up area of 5000 Sq. M. or more having similar scope of works/services.


At least TWO Diplomatic buildings/ State of Art energy-efficient office buildings/ project of a group of State of Art office buildings of built up area of 3800Sq. M.or more having similar scope of works/services;


At least THREE Diplomatic buildings/ State of Art energy-efficient office buildings/ project of a group state of Art office buildings of built up area of 2500 Sq. M. or more having similar scope of works/services.

6.2 In the above criteria for the architectural services, similar project means having the scope of work similar to the scope of this project i.e. providing comprehensive services for urban planning, architectural design, sustainable buildings & local body approvals, and related services including quantity survey, civil, electro-mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, acoustics, security, landscaping, external services, complete interior-designing (to include both fixed and movable furniture, cupboards & cabinets etc.) and other specialized consultancy services as would be required to be provided, as per local regulations. Eligible project(s) should be on contiguous piece(s) of land.

6.3 The applicant must be registered with the Architect Registration Board (ARB) or appropriate statutory authorities and permitted to practice as an Architect/ Architectural firm in Botswana as per Botswana Law and should be eligible to submit the proposal to the Municipality and the other Local Authorities, mandated for issuing permissions/ approvals and licenses etc. as required for proper execution of the project. They should also have at least 20 years post registration experience providing urban planning and architectural services for executed projects.


7.1 National or International level competitions and awards won during the architectural practice.

7.2 Experience in use of green technologies with standard ratings (e.g. LEEDS, or international certification for energy efficiency, global practices like use of solar power, green building features, sustainable practices adopted in executed projects etc. in any or more similar projects implemented by the applicant.

7.3 Experience of providing consultancy services for executing work based on two stage two bid systems of tendering and conversant with FIDIC conditions of contract.


8.1 The selection of the Architect/Architectural firm shall be done through QCBS method having two-step selection process comprising:

(i) Short listing of eligible EOI applicants based on ranking on additional desirable criteria, and

(ii) Technical and financial evaluation of proposals submitted by the short-listed applicants.

8.2 Each Applicant will submit an EOI, structure of which is given later in Section 9, 10 & 11, along with a suitable covering letter. There will be a screening of EOI based on which eligible architectural firms shall be short-listed.

8.3 Short-listed applicants will be given RFP including a Design Brief with design parameters. They will be assessed through QCBS method. They will be required to submit Technical and Financial Proposals in two separate sealed envelopes and make a presentation of their capability and the technical proposal i.e. concept design proposal before a Selection Committee.

8.4 The Selection Committee will evaluate the proposals for grading in order of their cumulative scores on the technical and financial weightage (technical as 70% + financial as 30%).

8.5 The applicant with maximum cumulative score will be invited for selection and required to enter into an agreement with the High Commission of India in Gaborone for providing Architectural and other Consultancy Services as described in the Scope of services of the Consultancy Agreement.


9.1 For Eligibility Criteria: Applicants are required to provide certified or self attested documents for the following:

a) Copy of Registration certificate from the appropriate statutory authorities permitting Applicant to practice as an Architect/ Architectural firm in Gaborone, Botswana.

b) Address of the company headquarters or branch office, as given in the Company registration document (copy to be attached).

c) Applicants are required to provide information of the projects completed in the last 20 years which are similar to the proposed project. Only those projects will be considered which satisfy the eligibility criteria (as prescribed in Section 6 above) determined from the following data duly certified by the client.

i) Project summary with photographs

ii) Project name, location and brief description

iii) Project owner/ Name of Client

iv) Date of Commencement and Completion of the Project

v) Total plot area and total covered area (in Sq. M.)

vi) List the key buildings in the project, their height (in number of storeys), and area

vii) Scope of work handled by the applicant in this project

viii) References (name, title, telephone number/ email)

9.2 For Desirable Criteria:

a) Attach certified copy of citation/ award received or copy of official announcement in press. Details of the projects which were awarded.

b) Copy of certificate received for use of Green Technologies in respect of buildings or projects/buildings .Write up on a single page A4.

c) Details of projects executed based on two stage two bid system of tendering and FIDIC conditions of contract.

9.3 Conditions of eligibility for Joint Venture firms: A certified copy of MOU between the firms having a joint venture shall be provided. The joint venture firm shall meet all the laid down criteria of registration, experience, turnover, awards etc. as a single entity.


10.1 The Applicants may send their comments on the objectives and scope of the work or service projected in the enquiry within 21 days from the date of publication of ‘Expression of Interest’

10.2 Applicants may provide sufficient information and valid proof for each parameter/factor assigned for calculating scores against each Desirable Criteria. If sufficient information and valid proof is not available about some parameter/factor during evaluation, Zero (0) score may be assigned to that parameter/factor.

10.3 Information, as sought for each Desirable Criteria, is to be given by individual applicant or each member of the consortium including lead member in form of separately attached annexure.

10.4 Length of experience will be counted as on the date of publication of Press Notice.


11.1 Applicants are required to submit their EOI with all enclosures including the `Declaration’, indexed and properly arranged. The scanned PDF format of the whole document is required to be submitted to High Commission of India, Gaborone along with the hard copy.


I hereby submit the following documents:

12.1 Copy of Registration Certificate from appropriate Statutory Authorities to practice as an Architect / Architectural firm: Yes/No

12.2 Address of the company / branch offices, as given in the Company registration document: Yes/No

12.3 Project summary with photographs:

Project-I: Yes/No

Project-II: Yes/No

Project-III: Yes/No

12.4 Project name, location & brief description

Project-I: Yes/No

Project-II: Yes/No

Project-III: Yes/No

12.5 Project owner / Name of Client

Project-I: Yes/No

Project-II: Yes/No

Project-III: Yes/No

12.6 Date of commencement and completion of the projects

Project-I: Yes/No

Project-II: Yes/No

Project-III: Yes/No

12.7 Total plot area and total covered area (in sq. M.)

Project-I: Yes/No

Project-II: Yes/No

Project-III: Yes/No

12.8 List of the key buildings in the project, Height & and Covered Area

Project-I: Yes/No

Project-II: Yes/No

Project-III: Yes/No

12.9 Scope of Services in these projects

Project-I: Yes/No

Project-II: Yes/No

Project-III: Yes/No

12.10 References, if any (name, title, telephone number / email)

12.11 I have also enclosed the following documents:

12.11.1 Certified Copy of Citation / Award / Copy of official announcement in press: Yes/No

12.11.2 Copy of Certificate for use of Green Technologies, energy efficient features, etc. along with write-up: Yes/No Details of projects executed on the basis of two stage two bid system/ FIDIC conditions of contract: Yes/No

12.11.3 Certified copy of MOU between Joint Venture Firms as per laid down criteria of registration, experience, turnover, awards etc. as a single entity: Yes/No

12.12 I confirm that each statement and/or contents of this submission and /or documents, certificates submitted herewith are absolutely true, correct and authentic. In the event of any statement/document subsequently turning out to be incorrect or false it is understood and accepted that the undersigned is liable to disqualification from this selection process.