About Us India Botswana Chamber of Commerce ampamp Industry (IBCCI)

In view of the growing bilateral trade between India and Botswana and an ever increased contribution of the Indian community, both by the people of origin PIOs and NRIs in various aspects of development of Botswana, a need was felt to set up a trade and commercial body to better serve the interests of the Indian business community by giving it a wider space and exposure to opportunities for entrepreneurs to further develop the trade and commercial relations between India and Botswana. It was towards this end that the idea to establish the India Botswana Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IBCCI) was mooted.

IBCCI was initially proposed to be set up under the umbrella of the High Commission but subsequently it was felt that it should be an independent body and should,not only includemembers of the Indian community but also Corporate businesses of other nationalities who have business interests in India or have joint ventures with companies owned by the people of Indian origin and or NRIs. The membership base and scopeof activities were thus furtherbroadened. IBCCI became a legal entity after it was formally registered with the Registrar of Societies and a Certificate of Registration on 31 March,2009.

The India Botswana Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been set up with the objective to:

(a) facilitate and promote networking within the Botswana Indian Business community;

(b) fostering investment and trading relationship and to strengthen commercial ties between India and Botswana;

(c) offer a platform for its members to discuss, debate, and to act on issues of common interest regarding the above objectives;

(d) to play a role of economic influence dedicated to the Community and to Botswana and Indian economic interests by official initiatives; and

(e) to assist non-member Botswana companies interested in Indian market.
Membership is open to any individual of above 18 years of age, corporate, a partnership or a close corporate or a registered association and generally any entity that has a business and economic interest in Botswana and/or India and the Southern African region.

Since its inception in 2009, India-Botswana Chamber of Commerce & Industry has not only contributed to enhance the business ties between India and Botswana but also undertook several initiatives on the social responsibility front. The recent philanthropic project “Save an Eye” Campaign undertaken by IBCCI in coordination with the Indian High Commission and the Botswana Ministry of Health was praiseworthy. By spearheading the highly successful Cataract projectduring September/October 2011, IBCCIraised the funds through donations from Indian businesses and other community members for carrying out this ambitious project. A total of 1426 free eye cataract surgeries were performed on Batswana in different parts of the country, by inviting a team of doctors and paramedics fromthe SankaraNethralaya, a reputable charity organization based in Chennai during the months of September and October, 2011.