About Us Dos and Donts

While travelling to India, it is recommended that the following do’s and don’ts be strictly followed..


» It is advisable to avail pre paid taxis/autorikshaws (three wheeler taxis) wherever available at the airports and railways stations. For metered taxis insist on paying by meter or ask for a fare chart
» Shop at Government emporia/fixed price shops as far as possible. This ensures good quality products at reasonable prices. Insist on proper receipts/bills of purchase.
» Keep your valuables in hotel lockers/safe deposit vaults.
» India tourism has a system of approving travel agents/tour operators who conform to prescribed standards of service and quality. Always book your tours through such agencies. A list of approved travel agents/tour operators is available at the local India Tourism office/State Government Tourist Office..
» For guiding services, hire a Government approved tourist guide who always carries an identity card issued by Indiatourism and Archaeological Survey of India..
» Change money only at authorized foreign exchange outlets/banks/hotels and insist on proper receipt.
» Contact the nearest India tourism office/State Government Tourist Office for authentic information. All these offices supply guide maps/brochures free of cost/at a nominal cost..
» Confirm/re-confirm hotel booking yourself.
» Buy train tickets from Railway Booking Counters or through authorized Travel Agents.
» Always keep a Xerox copy of your passport and visa for any exigency..


» Don’t fall for tempting exchange rates offered by unauthorized people.
» Don’t allow any unauthorized person to act on your behalf. Stay away from touts.
» Don’t purchase air/bus/train tickets through strangers, touts and unauthorized travel agencies.
» Don’t accept lavish hospitality extended by strangers/unknown persons especially while shopping for jewellery and expensive items.
» Don’t travel in a Taxi carrying any person other than the driver.

Emergency Telephone Numbers: Police-100/Ambulance-101