IndoGlobal Skills Summit amp Expo 2017 on Skills, Startups and Entrepreneurship

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IndoGlobal Skills Summit & Expo 2017 on Skills, Startups and Entrepreneurship will be held at The Lalit, Mumbai (July 17), Taj Deccan, Hyderabad (July 19), Taj Coromandel, Chennai (July 22), The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore (July 24), The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata (July 26), and The Lalit, New Delhi (July 28). The IndoGlobal Skills Summit & Expo 2017 aims to take a deeper look at the present skill ecosystem, map it against the future trends, identify future jobs & skill requirements and propose a way to reengineer the skill ecosystem. The Summit & Expo will examine collaboration between universities and industries for skills development; the generation, acquisition, and adoption of knowledge (innovation and technology transfer); and the promotion of entrepreneurship (startups and spinoffs).

* Most comprehensive Summit & Expo on skills, startups and entrepreneurship
* Biggest networking event for leaders in education, business, industry and NGOs
* Major Sessions on collaborations with Indian institutions / organizations
* Important Sessions on skill development and academeindustry
* Exploration of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurship
* Recruitment sessions involving oneonone
meetings with students
* Attendance of several thousand students interested in skills & startups
* Expo for showcasing best practices in skills, startups and entrepreneurship
* Awards for excellence to individuals, institutions, business, industry, and NGOs
* Extensive media (print & electronic) coverage for the Summit & Expo
* Special spouses program of sightseeing
in the cities of India
A brief presentation on the Summit & Expo is given at:

As per the special invitation, participation fee for any one representative of every foreign institution or organization will be waived for participating in the Summit & Expo 2017 in any one city, provided registration is done by April 29, 2017.

Details of the Summit & Expo 2017 are at
Special Registration form is at

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