NHRDN Online International Management Simulation Challenge - 2017

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NHRDN Online International Management Simulation Challenge (IMC) 2017, 20th-27th July, 2017

 Greetings from National HRD Network, India!

 National HRD Network (NHRDN) is the fastest growing apex body for HR Professionals committed to promoting People Leadership in India and enhancing their capability to compete globally, thereby creating value for society. Established over 30 years ago, NHRDN is an autonomous, not-for-profit professionally managed organization. It has over 12,500 members representing Multinationals, Public & Private organizations including Government, MSME & NGOs spread across 30 Chapters in India.

 NHRDN conducts the Indian Management Simulation Challenge, a National Competition, every year. This year, NHRDN is pleased to announce the Online International Management Simulation Challenge (IMC) to be held from 20th - 27th July 2017.

A Simulation Challenge is a niche program and considered an effective tool for the empowerment and mediation of business content learning. It acts as a serious game, which contributes to learning through a simulation of real-life situations and hones participants business skills in a fierce competitive business environment. Simulation offers participants a risk-free opportunity to test out a range of relevant strategies to drive business results.

About NHRDN Online International Management Simulation Challenge:

1.     A Business Case Study of a virtual company will be provided to all participating teams

2.     Each team will be allocated a specific amount of resources in the form of Cash, Inventories, Raw Materials, Plant and Equipment, and so forth

3.     Team take decisions related to Price, Output, Advertising, Marketing, Raw Material Acquisition, Changes in Plant Capacity, Labour Rate etc.

4.     The challenge spreads over 2 Practice Rounds and 5 Real Rounds. Each Round is equal to 1 Quarter of a Financial Year.

5.     The simulation provides New business challenges for teams in each Round

6.     This information ( New Business Challenges)  is read into a computer software that has been programmed on the basis of a set of mathematical models.

7.     On the basis of decisions of each team, results are generated by the software in the form of reports – for example, Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Production Reports, Sales Reports, and Total Industry Reports – at the end of each Round.

8.     Teams that Maximize Profitability Win the Challenge

9.     Online participation spread over a week eliminates travelling and blurs time zones

Some of the key features of Online Challenge are:

1.     Participation is on Complimentary Basis i.e. no participation fees

2.     A team of 2-3 members is invited from Corporate, Academicians and Students from Global Community

3.     24x7 Support from Organizers

4.     Communication / Correspondence in English Language only

5.     International Champion Team will be invited to participate in the Grand Finale of NHRDN 4th IMC 2017 on 23 September, 2017 to compete for Prize Money and Trophies

6.     International Champions will be provided complimentary Food and Lodging at the Grand Finale venue in Shimla, India

Missions are requested to help in connecting with the Universities, Corporate and Industry Chambers / Associations of English-speaking Countries for participation in the International challenge. NHRDN team comprising Vikas Gupta (, +91 9811936639), Vinod Kakran (,+919811250897) or Dhananjay Singh ( will be readily available for any clarifications.

CLICK HERE for a copy of Championship brochure.


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